Shay Mullanix

Shay Mullanix
Shay Mullanix
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2848 Vista Boulevard, Sparks, NV 89434

Shay Mullanix's Biography

Diligent, determined, and a delight to have by your side, Kashaela “Shay” Mullanix has a charisma about her that makes the process of investing in real estate a pure pleasure. When it comes to the negotiation process, she is aggressive yet has an attractive style that is polished and always polite. “I am results driven and always put my clients’ needs before anything else. Achieving the desired result is my primary motivation.” Although Shay enjoys negotiating, it’s the happiness that comes with handing over the keys that make it all worthwhile. Throughout her career, Shay has been tested by many unexpected challenges; through which she acknowledges those experiences as “great learning curves” that have sharpened her problem­ solving skills. Always accepting opportunities to learn and grow, Shay is a master at understanding the market which she watches on a daily basis. As such, her clients are informed and educated through the entire process. With a ‘work hard­ play hard’ approach to life, Shay always finds time to explore the great outdoors. In fact, she fully believes that the more adventure one can bring into their life the better one’s life will be. With an optimistic focus on life, and full of ideas and integrity, Shay can be contacted through Chase International’s Sparks, Nevada, office.

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