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  • Joe Salcedo

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City or Township Reno, NV
Postal Code 98521, NV
Neighborhood Neighborhood, Reno, NV
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Address 123 Main St, Reno, NV
Street Main St, Reno, NV
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  • Joe Salcedo

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    • Joe Salcedo
    •  (775) 338-7653
    •  (775) 338-7653
    985 Damonte Ranch Pkwy #110, Reno, NV 89521
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Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or longtime real estate investor, Joe Salcedo delivers exceptional results and top-notch customer service. "I am passionate about real estate and it shows. Responding to my client's needs is priority one. Whether you are buying or selling, I walk the talk and make the process a relaxing one." Joe continues to accumulate the accolades and was Rookie of the year for the highest volume of sales his first year in the business. He professionally serves many markets, including Filipino, of which he is fluent in the language, and Latino markets. Joe enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, chess and basketball. Based in Chase International's Reno office, visit Joe and let him streamline your transaction so you can get results fast

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