Elvira Antonova, Realtor®

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Elvira Antonova
Elvira Antonova

For over a decade, Elvira Antonova has earned her path to success through sheer determination to survive, and thrive. When times were tough, she built a business based on optimism, faith in her approach, and a steadfast focus. “I was taught always to be enthusiastic and look at problems as ‘opportunities’ to learn and grow. I apply this philosophy to any real estate challenge that comes my way.” 

 Always one to seek a higher goal, Elvira enjoys every facet of the business to which she is passionately dedicated to her clients who seek her assistance to sell their house or find a new property to call home. She’s an expert at pricing and has an exceptional talent in researching the right solution for all involved; both of which comes naturally to Elvira who has a creative side in her profession as well as in her personal life.

When time allows, Elvira volunteers at a local ethnic dance studio and welcomes every opportunity to slip away for some quiet time with a good book by her side. Good natured with a great sense of how to achieve success, Elvira can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno office.