Janet Amaral, Realtor

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Janet Amaral
Janet Amaral

Dedicated and a true delight to have by your side, Janet Amaral brings more than 15 years of experience in real estate and finance to her clients throughout the west. As a Realtor®, Janet’s clients can rest assured that they will have some of the finest knowledge and direction to lead them to one of the most important investment decisions of their lives. “I work for my clients to help them find the house that they love.” Her clients will tell you that Janet’s good old fashioned work ethic ensures calls will be returned in a timely fashion and fulfilled with honest and straightforward information. Her passion for the business, paired with her appreciation for region’s attributes, guarantees heartfelt advice from all perspectives. Mixing business and pleasure comes naturally to Janet who shares her appreciation of Lake Tahoe and her extensive travels through her colorful acrylic artistry and creative hand-made jewelry collections.

As a California resident for more than 40 years, Janet has also acquired a love of the great outdoors where she enjoys seasons filled with hiking, skiing and spending time with family and her treasured Golden Retrievers. Licensed in Nevada and California, Janet is professionally prepared to help you enjoy an exceptional lifestyle as well through Chase International’s Carson Valley and Glenbrook offices.