Kevin Blithe, Realtor

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Kevin Blithe
Kevin Blithe

When Kevin Blithe tells his clients that he is looking out after their best interest, it’s more than just his business mantra. Kevin brings a creative talent and keen eye for detail to the real estate business that has been established from his years of experience as a residential and commercial architect. “Because of my background, I can offer a distinctively valuable view about my clients’ homes or their future investment. I can see and simply explain the upgrade costs for renovations, design costs, flow of space and overall value of the property.” With his experience in architecture, construction and renovations, Kevin is also quick to identify any issues that may exist or could occur in the near future. His motivation to offer this advice is just part of Kevin’s caring and comfortable style. His compassion to help others surfaced years ago when he resided in Florida and then volunteered to rebuild personal residences after the hurricanes. This experience embedded the importance of having a space to call home. With an ‘anything worth doing is worth doing it right’ attitude, Kevin can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno office.

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