Paul Reyes, Realtor

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Paul Reyes
Paul Reyes
The moment you meet Paul Reyes you will immediately feel a sense of calm and concerted focus that filtrates throughout the atmosphere in which he works and lives. And it is within this patient yet persistent business approach that equates to success stories for those who seek his well-practiced talent to assess and solve any challenge that may come his way. Using his years of training and experience as an Olympic-level athlete and youth coach in the many forms of Martial Arts, Paul applies his “never-give-up’ personal mantra to his professional real estate career. As one would expect from a champion in Tae Kwon Do, Paul has an innate ability to stay positive under pressure and any handle surprises that may come his way. “When I decide to do something, I strive for a black belt level.” When exploring his clients’ concerns, and to the right solution for their needs, Paul uses the knowledge he gained as an independent business owner for over 20 years and 30 year resident in Northern Nevada. Today, he continues to apply the refined qualities of a master in Martial Arts to his clients,’ needs and throughout his community as a champion volunteer. Well-balanced with patience, good timing, and flexibility, Paul can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno, Nevada, office.
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