Ploypun Pihakane, Broker Salesperson

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Ploypun Pihakane
Ploypun Pihakane
Worldly and wise as to what it takes to be a success in today’s complex world of commerce, Ploypun Pihakane is well positioned for her career in real estate. As a previous business owner and recipient of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Ploypun has a well balanced perspective on the skills that are essential to exceed her clients’ expectations. “No demand is too large or too small. My clients can expect all of their needs to be met with an unsurpassed effort and attention to detail.” Throughout her life, Ploypun has been exposed to many different cultures and diverse backgrounds; with this experience, she has learned to respect and deal with any challenge that comes her way. Closer to home, Ploypun likes to spend her ‘precious family time’ skiing and camping throughout the High Sierra and supports her own local community as a volunteer for local non-profit organizations. Ploypun has a genuine spirit to help buyers and sellers of all walks of life and can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno office.
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