René Baker, Realtor

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René Baker
René Baker
With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage, finance, and real estate industries, Rene' Baker has the knowledge and devotion one needs to help YOU succeed in today’s competitive real estate market. Her accomplishments over the years have been achieved through her complete dedication to her clients’ needs throughout the Lake Tahoe and the basin regions. “I find it ‘sure bliss’ to do my homework and go the extra mile to protect my clients’ investments of a lifetime.”
From the very start of her profession, Rene' has persevered through the best and worst of times in the real estate business. From an early career trading commodity futures, front desk assignments, to loan processing and mortgage origination,  and personally rehabilitating distressed investment properties, Rene' has acquired a deep understanding and personal passion for this business; all of which benefits those who seek her advice and out of the box creativity that have attributed to her years of success. Throughout it all, she has enjoyed every moment and always looks forward to her personal life that she wraps with a healthy environment while gardening, hiking, and enjoying family time. Smart, sincere, and ready to share her expertise, Rene' can be contacted by calling/texting (775) 560-0635 and  through Chase International’s Sparks NV office.