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Travis Jordan
Travis Jordan
As a Lake Tahoe native who has migrated through Santa Cruz, Berkeley and San Francisco (for undergrad work, an initial career in marketing and later graduate studies), Travis offers a unique combination of Bay Area high performance and technology standards synthesized with Tahoe values of sustainability and authenticity. With an interest in public health, he’s also instructed/facilitated a wide variety of courses in local hospital facilities and community organizations. Partnering professionally with friends on a select team (completing over 3,500 South Lake Tahoe real estate transactions) at Chase International, Travis now facilitates the achievement of personal ownership goals for remarkable homes in California and Nevada.

With a natural affinity for transforming ordinary experiences into hallmarks of quality, buyers and sellers can expect professional photography & presentations, comprehensive market research and highly-effective interactions. When desired, digital contracts with electronic signatures can now be drafted and executed at the speed of the internet - a priceless capability in competitive environments where time is truly of the essence. Travis seeks to be known as a diligent and generous person of conscience; easily-approachable, with a deep respect for the great diversity of interpersonal communication styles; a strong advocate, always representing your highest and best interests. With active memberships in the National Association of REALTORS, the Association for Talent Development and American Mensa, it’s easy to see Travis’ genuine commitment to both lifelong learning and modern networks of collaboration excellence.