Yvette Hamacek, REALTOR®

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Yvette Hamacek
Yvette Hamacek
Yvette Hamacek’s significant background in marketing includes a technological and social media prowess that is an essential asset when it comes to succeeding in today’s complex real estate market; she pairs this expertise with a comforting style that makes the process of buying or selling a home a pleasurable experience. “I treat my clients like real people, not like numbers, and consider each opportunity an honor to represent their every need to accomplish their dreams.” Her level of integrity is a trait that she humbly holds dear to heart yet is one fine reason why Yvette has achieved such great success throughout her career. From her award-winning branding campaigns, to achievements in on-line web design, to her entrepreneurial business accomplishments, Yvette has the tenacity to turn any tough situation into a win-win for all involved.
When time allows, Yvette shares her champion spirit as a very active Sparks AYSO board member and is a big fan of the Reno 1868 soccer organization. Off the soccer field, she treasures family time and welcomes any opportunity to share stories about her favorite travel adventures over a fine bottle of wine. Friendly and always forthright, Yvette Hamacek can be contacted through Chase International’s Sparks, Nevada, office.